Probiotics Australia Research Collaboration Announced

Published: 18 March 2020 | News

Probiotics Australia are working with the Mucosal Immunology Research Group at Griffith University to investigate whether their probiotic and post-biotic strains improve immune and gut health and reduce the symptoms of diseases, such as respiratory illness, eczema and allergy.

Dr Nicholas West from Griffith University notes that “a range of studies have shown some probiotics to reduce the risk of respiratory infections and symptoms of allergic rhinitis. A study between Griffith University and the Australian Institute of Sport of 464 healthy active people found the daily probiotic supplementation reduces the risk of respiratory symptoms associated with the common cold. We know that the effects of probiotics are strain specific so there is the need to conduct rigorous research before recommending people supplement for a specific condition.”

Probiotics Australian and Griffith University are embarking on a research program to look at the effects of probiotics on inflammation, respiratory symptoms, allergy and eczema.

Read more about Griffith University’s Infection and Immunity research here

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