When it comes to efficacy and safety, ensuring the probiotics you receive perfectly match the probiotics you ordered, is vitally important.


That’s why Probiotics Australia have developed Batch Match, a unique probiotic authentication system you can use to ensure the provenance and quality of every probiotic order you place with us.


Here’s how it works:

On receipt of a Probiotic Australia product you will notice a QR code and a Batch Match Fingerprint symbol like the one here,  clearly displayed on our packaging.

Simply scan the code to access a dedicated site and click the “verify” button. There you will see a graphic symbol identical to that on the package you received. This simple, yet fool proof, authentication system is your guarantee that the product in your hands is the product you requested.


Should the symbols not match, and you have tried once more, please contact us immediately at [email protected].

For more information, please contact us on 07 5670 6466


How The Process Works

1. Submit Your Quote: Fill out the below project form. 2. We’ll Have a Chat: We’ll discuss the details of your project.

3. Probiotics Australia will generate a custom quote and contact you to discuss the next step.

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