About Probiotics Australia

Probiotics Australia, the beginning of a new chapter of our story.

About Probiotics Australia

Probiotics Australia, the beginning of a new chapter of our story.

Probiotics Australia was born through a small family run business which started in 2009, when the founding company began to set roots as a bio-fermentation specialist and probiotic contract manufacturer.


Having developed proprietary bio-fermented processes the quest for further studies and development into the field of probiotics started with in vitro studies through leading universities.


The successful outcome of these studies motivated continued growth of the business within the probiotic industry and highlighted the major role microbes play and can play in human health.

Humans are a unique reservoir of a heterogeneous and vivacious group of microbes, which together forms the human-microbiome superorganism. The human gut serves as a home to over 500 to 1000 different microbial species, which primarily modulate the host internal environment and thereby, play a major role in host health.


As our passion for probiotics developed through years, so did our commitment to human health and the importance of bringing research discoveries to life.


Biological products are very complex and hard to make which explains why biotech manufacturing plants are large and expensive to build.


Through collaborations with leading industry experts and organisations, the need to develop and manufacture Australian made biotherapeutics became evident.


Australia is home to some of the best minds and universities in the world, and now with our vision, we are able to commercialise technologies that have long been sitting on research intuitions shelves.


Probiotics Australia will launch our new chapter in 2019 as Australia’s first and only cGMP/TGA certified facility for probiotic API manufacturing.


Our state of the art biomanufacturing plant has come to life and we can now also cater for the next generation of biotechnologies and advancing our goals of bringing the biotech revolution to more people and other industries around the world.

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