Untapping every body's potential

Untapping every body's potential

Active Ingredients


Bifidobacterium are one of the major genera’s of probiotic bacteria that make up the gastrointestinal tract microbiota in mammals. They help the host perform essential functions such as digestion and staving off harmful bacteria.


Streptococcus is heterogeneous group of Gram-positive bacteria, has broad significance in medicine and industry. The probiotic specie thermophilus is characterised by its rapid growth and active fermentation properties of milk which is one of two original strains used to make yogurt.



Lactobacillus is the largest genus within the group of lactic acid bacteria and plays an important role in human health. Lactobacillus is the most common probiotic found in food, and it is diverse in its application to maintain human life and well-being.

Other Genera

Other genera’s that offer diverse probiotic species which are beneficial to enhance life and restore imbalance to the human microbiome. In light of the increasing benefits probiotics can offer, technological advances are being made as more and more research is being conducted to recognise their uses.

Probiotics & Microbiome

The human body is comprised of diverse micro-ecosystems of bacteria, each which have unique and varying functions within the body. Most of these bacteria are beneficial – these ‘good’ bacteria are known as probiotics. Probiotics can assist your body to produce vitamins, absorb nutrients from your food, and even help regulate your mood. Probiotic bacteria can also serve as placeholders, taking up room by colonising within your digestive tract so that other bacteria can’t settle in, multiply, and create chaos for your system.

Probiotics by Industry Sector

Functional Food & Beverages

Today an increase in knowledge of functional foods and beverages has led to develop foods and drinks with health benefits beyond adequate nutrition. The presence of probiotics in commercial food products and beverages has been claimed for certain health benefits. This has led to industries focusing on different applications of probiotics in food products and creating a new generation of ‘probiotic health’ foods and drinks.

Dietary Supplements

Healthy people should be the first to take probiotics, because it makes their general health better and defends them from diverse kinds of illnesses. Probiotics display numerous health benefits beyond providing basic nutritional value. These evidences have been established by scientific testing and clinical trials in humans or animals.


Probiotics applications have been extended from human applications to diversity of agricultural application. Agricultural applications include animal feed developing fortified feed with intestinal microbiota to benefit the animals, in plants probiotics products can be used as biofertilizers, plant strengtheners, phytostimulators, and biopesticides.



Research & Development

We have a Dynamic team of industry experts including scientists, doctors and professions covering fields in microbiology, bio-chemical, food science, business and engineering. Research and development is part of our founding ethos and is part of who we are and what we do.

Biotech Contract Manufacturing

Biologic products are complex and hard to make, which helps to explain why biotech manufacturing plants are huge and expensive to build. Probiotics Australia have created a new biomanufacturing plant that can cater for the next-generation of biotechnologies and advancing our goals of bringing the biotech revolution to more people around the world.

Microbiology Services

Our professional specialist team provide quality laboratory services using the latest microbiological techniques and technologies which includes, contamination control, probiotic enumeration, stability design and DNA identification.

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