Herbs and medicinal plants have dominated human cultures across the globe for many centuries. Scientists and health researchers are fascinated by the astounding health benefits of phytochemicals present in these herbs and medicinal plants. Today many people steer towards herbs and plant based dietary supplements for a variety of health benefits. The demand for natural remedies in place of pharmaceutical chemicals/drugs have grown in leaps and bounds in the past decade. People are reaching out to healthier and safer supplemental choices due to their effectiveness and minimal side-effects. This is further supported by scores of scientific literature that link positive health benefits of herbal and medicinal plant extracts in conjunction with healthy diet and lifestyle habits.

Probiotics Australia is a proud believer in natural remedies and has about two decades of experience in the field of nutrition and dietary supplements. Our dedicated R&D team has invested a lot into researching the benefits of potential nutraceuticals, fermented extracts and dietary supplements to meet the demands of today’s stressful living.

We pride ourselves in our expertise in fermented health extracts and beneficial bio-actives that are produced during the fermentation process. Probiotics Australia is dedicated towards offering a range of fermented probiotic supplements in various combinations that abide quality standards.

Probiotics Australia has been involved in-depth research for nearly two decades in the area of nutraceuticals and hence one can be rest assured regarding the safety and efficacy of herbal formulations and dietary supplements.

Our products are inspired by the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors and backed by number of scientific research studies. We strive to constantly observe and study current world health trends and develop innovative formulations to meet specific health requirements/ conditions. Our formulations are natural, organic and scientifically validated to develop safe and effective dietary supplements.

Probiotics Australia gives utmost attention to offer Mother nature’s remedies in an unaltered state and takes great care to package them into convenient forms such as tablets, syrups, capsules and powder.

 Research on our product

 The Centre for Phytochemistry and Pharmacology (CPP) at Southern Cross University Australia is research centre specialising in the study of natural products – plants, food and other naturally occurring substances. The CPP conducted a preliminary testing on one of our products, Multiply PLUS (fermented papaya and pomegranate) to observe its immune boosting capabilities. The preliminary test results revealed that Multiply PLUS caused significant stimulation in the activity of natural killer cell (NK cells) in the blood with an increase of up to 46%. NK cells are lymphocytes present in our body that kill virus and cancerous cells. The phagocytic activity of granulocyte and monocytes also increased to 36% and 21% respectively compared to baseline controls. This significantly improved the ability of immune cells to engulf and digest bacteria / other foreign particles.

Probiotics Australia, part of Rochway Australia is one of your trusted source for probiotic formulations and dietary supplements. We offer our expertise in the niche of dietary supplements, general nutrition, functional foods, cosmetics and nutraceutical/pharmaceutical formulations. Our products have become an integral part of several major brands catering to a variety of industries ranging from herbal formulations to personal care products.

Our core expertise lies in the extraction, fermentation and delivery of bio-active / bio-functional formulations to serve the market needs. The key strengths of Probiotics Australia include rigorous manufacturing and quality control standards; formulations that create natural, effective and innovative products. We believe quality, efficiency and excellent customer service add real value to our consumers and clients.


  1. 7-11-2014

    Dear Sir.

    I am K.A. Paari, working a post-doc scientist working in Korea. I am from India. I have interest in Probiotics and antimicrobial proteins. Is your company hiring scientist for research and development.

    If there is any opportunity, Kindly intimate me so that I can apply formally with my research expertise and publication list.

    K.A. Paari

    • 7-30-2014

      Hi Unfortunately we don’t have positions available

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