Market for skin care supplements


Skin is the most essential part of the body, it covers all other organs and forms a protective barrier against dust, bacteria and other toxins. It serves more than shielding purpose, it adds to the beauty and personality of an individual.


Skin care essentially begins right from the moment a child is born and continues throughout someone’s life time. This is because our skin is dynamic and constantly renews itself. It is periodically exposed to many external factors, sunlight being the most dominant of all. A skin that is not protected has to rely on its natural defense mechanism. In most cases the natural defense mechanism does not offer complete protection and may result in sunburns, skin melanomas and photo-damage which brings in the need for additional care in the form of dietary supplements and topical applications.


The market for hair, skin and nail products is huge and growing tremendously. The fact that what you consume and or topically apply to your body remarkably influences and reflects in your hair, skin and nail has brought out a good market for skin care supplements.


Vitamins for skin


Skin care is one area that is gaining lot of attention from public as well as media. The number of people that are interested in maintaining their skin health is on the rise. The need to look good and feel comfortable about their skin is the major driving force behind the skin care market.


Skin care supplements are available as topical creams and also in the form of pills, tablets and even tonics. Scientific research has shown that premature ageing can be prevented by consuming a spectrum of antioxidants. Antioxidants are powerful nutrients that work to prevent oxidative stress induced free radical damage. They neutralise the harmful effects of free radical generation triggered by exposure to sunlight, pollutants etc. There are number of herbs, vitamins and minerals supplements that are available in the market to cater to the needs of the consumers. Regular intake of certain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals can act as harmful UV ray absorbers and may be effective in decreasing skin damage and premature ageing. Dietary skin care supplements may offer protection to skin from the inside and may have an advantage over topical creams. Topical applications can be washed off or removed or even may not be applied thorough enough to give complete protection to block the harmful effects from the sun. Another advantage is that unlike the topical creams like sun block or sun screens, dietary supplements do not interfere with vitamin D production and offer better protection.


Best vitamins for skin


Vitamin A – Anti-infective vitamin, rebuilds tissues.

Vitamin C- Water soluble antioxidant, maintains skin health and promotes cell rejuvenation

Vitamin E – Fat soluble antioxidant, prevents skin ageing

B complex vitamins – Responsible to boost blood circulation and maintains skin health


Other nutrients include essential fats, micronutrients like selenium, magnesium etc, phytonutrients like olive leaf extracts, green tea extracts etc.


Consumers choose supplements that provide a combination of ingredients rather than one nutrient alone. Most skin care professionals recommend products that are 100% natural and free of artificial additives and chemicals driving the consumer to choose safe yet effective products that are natural. The market for skin care supplements looks promising and bright. There is more scope for skin care supplements that it is projected now with more number of people getting conscious about their skin health.

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