How to Choose a Good Contract Manufacturer

How to Choose a Good Contract Manufacturer

The Nutraceutical/food supplement market is only a few decades old, but it is expected to grow at a rate of 7% annually. According to PMMI (Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute) the Nutraceuticals market (comprising vitamin manufacturers and food manufacturers) is said to reach $450 billion by 2015. The key areas of growth has been identified in areas of nutraceutical drinks, supplements in sachets that heavily banks on convenience and portion size of the ingredients. There are many ways to introduce innovative products that is customised to meet specific group. Private label companies play a major role in meeting the customised requirement of food manufacturers and nutrition supplement manufactures. Contract manufacturing is one best way to enter the Nutraceutical market that is dominated by the nutritional supplement manufacturers.


Qualities of a Good Contract Manufacturer

There are few important characteristics one should look for while choosing a contract manufacturing partner. A good Contract Manufacturer is the one who has the following traits:


Market Presence: Choose a contract manufacturer who enjoys a good market presence and has thrived in the industry for at least more than a decade. Such a manufacturer would reflect experience and would have wider acceptance.

Certified / Accredited: It is important to choose a contract manufacturer that is certified. Ideally choose a manufacturer that has a wide spectrum of certifications relevant to the industry requirements.

R&D facility: A contract manufacturer with a strong Research and Development team would be in a better position to assist in developing a range of supplements specific to the market requirements.

Good Customer Service: This includes fast turn around time of the products in production, and assistance with product registration and packaging. Choosing a contract manufacturer that also does private label manufacturing stirkes a good deal for both the parties.

Provide choices: An ideal contract manufacturer would be able to provide choices such as hard gelatin capsules, soft gels, powders with respect to the product form and should also be able to provide options for various types of packaging such as shrink wrapping.

Manufacturing facility: A contract manufacturer who has a state-of-art manufacturing facility that has a humidity controlled environment enables production of supplements with high quality and high product stability.

Consistent batches: Maintaining a consistency in the profile of the product that is backed with a certificate of analysis also indicates the efficiency of the R&D team and stringent quality control measures.

Cater to smaller units: Choose a contract manufacturer who is in a position to handle high volume as well as small batches to cater to the needs of its customers. Ideally a contract manufacturer that handles batches as low as 5 kilograms to 500 kilograms proves to be customer-friendly and is more likely to be cost-effective for the customer.

Quality and impressive pricing: A contract manufacturer that offers quality products at a pricing that works for both the parties seals the deal. Always remember not to compromise on quality when the pricing is low. It is important to see both the aspects are met before choosing a contract manufacturer.



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